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 Spool-Hands pt. # 002    

​                                            4 pack
Spool-Hands Products
We take pride in our  selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are hand made in the USA.  We will ship next business day through the US postal service. 
These retainers will hold and dispense line and tippet from spools from 2 1/4 up to 4 1/2 in This is a 1/4 inch wide band.
​Price  $5.50  USD
Spool-Hands pt. # 010  5 pack

  Price  $5.50  USD​
                                                                                                        These retainers will hold all of your fly tying material on the 1 inch spools also works as a bobbin so there is no waist.
Spool-Hands pt. # 003  4 pack

Price  $5.50  USD

These retainers work on all tippet spools that are 1/8 in. wide up to 3 in. dia.

Free Shipping with in the USA when you purchase 3 packs or more. Saving you $4.95